Patient Testimonials

Hello! My name is Stefanie Cannizzaro and I was a patient of Dr. Kleinrock’s in the late 1990’s. I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Kleinrock for his amazing work. I still cannot believe how he was able to totally transform my smile. I’m sure I was not mature enough to express my appreciation during the time I was an active patient during my teenage years. However, as I continue to receive compliments on my smile as a 30 year old, I owe it all to Dr. Kleinrock. Thank you again!

Stefanie Cannizzaro

I am pretty computer klutzy but I don’t want to let that interfere with my opportunity to say what a wonderful experience I had with Dr. Kleinrock and his staff in repairing my lower teeth. With Invisalign, they straightened out beautifully within 4 months. One tooth was loose and it was splinted. What a great job! Dr. Kleinrock is a soft-spoken gentle person. His staff is very attentive and upbeat at all times. His price was reasonable and there is some discount available. Appointments are kept on time and parking is right in front of the door. And, by the way, I am a senior citizen who still wants to preserve teeth and smile. Thank you Dr. Kleinrock for helping me achieve just that.

Carol P., North Woodmere

Hewlett Orthodontist – Glowing Testimonial from Happy Mom!

Yesterday, May 25, 2010 was a great day! My daughter, Marisa had her fixed appliances removed and completed the active phase of orthodontics. To see her smile widely and to realize what her case would have looked like without the wonderful work of Dr. Kleinrock was truly an awesome experience. Being a dentist, I am of course obsessed with my children’s oral heath and esthetics. I chose Dr Kleinrock to do both my children’s orthodontics because after meeting him and observing his office and staff, I felt he was the person to trust. After both my children’s cases were completed my initial impression was never in question.

Dr Kleinrock, you accomplished all I could possibly ask for and did it in a caring and professional manner. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the magnificent outcomes of both my children’s cases and Seth, I wish you all the best of luck in this wonderful profession of ours. My family is truly fortunate to have met you and been the recipient of your great talent.

With much respect,
Paul B Heller, DMD

Four kids, four sets of braces, 1 orthodontist: Dr. Seth Kleinrock..Each one of my four children orthodonture experience was different, as Dr. Kleinrock did what was best for each individual child. He and his wonderful staff are perfectionists in every way, and take pride in their work. They are professional and serious, yet caring and understanding of each child and each families situation. If you want to do what it takes to have a healthy mouth that looks great, Dr. Seth Kleinrock will make it happen ! Plus, his office if filled with so much sports and movie memorabilia that each office visit is an entertaining experience!

Shari Shapiro (mother of Jacob, Ashley, Gabby & Emma Decter)

A successful practice doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to excellence in treatment and relationships with patients. This is a note to Dr. Kleinrock and his most amazing staff. You are all caring, well organized, and professional. We have received impeccable service. As an orthodontist I respect your professional skills and in my opinion you are rated #1. Always friendly, helpful and genuine. May your practice continue to succeed. I will miss you all, and can’t wait till December to start our next phase with son #2.

Warm regards always,
Joanne Gross

I have been a patient of Dr. Kleinrock’s for the past few years and I have to say that it is a pleasant experience dealing with him. My daughter did not have visibly crooked teeth but through his expertise he was able to tell me that without the braces her eye tooth would have grown right through the roof of her mouth. I was so impressed with him I decided to get braces myself, I now have the smile I always wanted. Not only is he a good doctor but he is fair, honest, and above all he really cares about his patients.

I am not only was impressed with him but his staff as well, they are always smiling and in a good mood. My daughter and I always look forward to our next appointment, as a matter of fact if they ever have a job opening I would love to work for such a great office.

Lisa Vitale, Rockville Centre NY

Dr. Kleinrock is an excellent orthodontist who takes the time to explain what his patients will need done to their teeth. I have taken all three of my children to Dr. Kleinrock and am very pleased with their Orthodontic experience. My youngest child almost had to have four teeth pulled in order to have her braces put on. Dr. Kleinrock saw the concern and hesitation on both my and my daughter’s face. He chose to review her x-rays and afterwards decided to try to work with her teeth without extracting any of them. The results have been positive so far and my daughter is less stressed about her braces and a much happier person. The staff is very helpful and accomodating as well. The Long Beach office is a place that is very comfortable for my family to come to…everyone at the office makes them feel comfortable and welcome. My children’s dental experience has been great in part to the doctor and staff at this office.


I love my smile. Since I became a patient of Dr. Kleinrock there was nothing but progress. I started out with an unfixed smile at an age of twelve. My parents told me I was going to need braces, and took me to an orthodontist, one other than Dr. Kleinrock. This orthodontist told me that I would need two years of braces, and my teeth would be newly aligned into an a million dollar smile. However, this was not the case. After a year and a half with this orthodontist, there was absolutely no progress for my smile. Frustration and outrage were understatements for how my parents and I felt. Then Dr. Kleinrock came along. He surfaced due to a recommendation from a friend. My parents figured there was nothing to lose, so took me to see him about my teeth, and he had an answer.

I was now an eighth grader quickly approaching high school going to have braces for an amount of years nobody knew. I didn’t have much faith in any orthodontist now, due to my past experience, and was nervous because I wanted my teeth fixed as soon as possible. Dr. Kleinrock assured my parents and me that my teeth would be perfect by January of my sophomore year of high school, and he stuck to his word. In January of my sophomore year of high school, my teeth were released from the brackets of braces, and I was elated. That day was the day I learned to love smiling.

I cannot even put into words how much I would like to thank Dr. Kleinrock for fixing my teeth and allowing me to love my smile.

Michael T

To Dr. Kleinrock,

I have you to thank for my straight teeth. When I was 10 years old and just got my braces on, you told me I would have my braces on for two years. People told me to expect 3- 4 years. Well, you were right. Just two years and maybe three weeks later, I got my braces off! I can’t believe they’re my teeth, I love them! Almost everyday, I get a compliment on my teeth. I thought I’d never smile as much as I do now. My parents constantly compliment them too. My brother may not even need braces, but my mother wants him to get them anyway(he’s too young right now). I did listen to everything you told me to do and I’m glad I did. Thank you so much!!! You’re an awesome orthodontist!

Bianca Partland

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how terrific and top notch the staff is @ Dr. Kleinrock’s office. He’s a doll and the staff is great.. We love Joann and her daughter Michelle. I actually look forward to bringing my sons to the orthodontist. lol!!! Thanks girls,, you are an amazing group of people. I wouldn’t trade you for all the money in the world.. Thanks Dr. the atmosphere there.. especially having boys who are sports crazed like you..

Angela, Frank, Frankie & Vinny Liatto

We have had an amazing experience with Dr. Kleinrock and his office. My teeth were in complete disarray when I first went into his office, but he worked hard and I now how a great smile. Our office experience was fantastic. The staff is so friendly and can always squeeze me in for any emergency. Above all, the service in Dr. Kleinrock’s office is incredible. I have never waited for more than 10 minutes in his waiting room, and I am in and out of his office within 20 minutes, all with the help and care of his fabulous staff. I have never experienced such incredible service and efficiency in any other medical office. Dr. Kleinrock’s practice has changed my life, and his practice is truly one of the best.


I am writing this e-mail to speak to the wonderful Orthodontic Practice of Seth Kleinrock, D.D.S. Both of my children have had braces on through this practice. Marisa continues to wear her retainer and looks great. Eric is almost done with his braces and we cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Aside from the fact that we are always seen in a timely fashion, the staff are courtious and friendly. Time and patience are always given by Dr Kleinrock and his staff to explain any question and/or procedure. I would highly recommend this practice to families seeking orthodontics and have done so! I am happy to speak to families on behalf of this practice if they have questions to ask previous patients. Thank you Dr. Kleinrock and your staff for making the braces experience as pleasant as you have!

Dina Finkelstein

Just a note to let everyone know how happy we are with Dr. Kleinrock’s practice. We have been patients there for over six years and my boys have never once complained about going. The staff is always so friendly and I am always greeted with a warm hello. Needless to say we are thrilled with the results… Their teeth look amazing!!! Thank you for treating them with a smile!

Debbie Green

Dealing with this office has been an absolute pleasure. After hearing so many horror stories about the orthodontist experience, I found that appointments were always on time. Both the doctors and the staff were outstanding and always easy to deal with. Thank you all for my daughter’s experience.

Mary, Rockville Centre